GPE comes from the experience of engineers specialized in the field of energy conversion. For over 15 years, the company produces a wide range of devices, from traditional power rectifiers to the newer ones, such as SVM Digital Inverters, mainly used for the conversion of energy from renewable sources. The main business of GPE is to ensure more and more advanced and extremely effective electronic equipment for the process of power conversion.

Over the years, thanks to continuous investments in research and development and a highly qualified staff of technicians, GPE has developed considerable skills in the production of:

  • UPS- Uninterruptible power supply
  • AC/AC Converters (Frequency converters)
  • AC/AC Avionic Converters (400Hz)
  • AC/AC SVM Converters for renewable energy sources
  • AC/DC Converters (Rectifiers)
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • DC/AC Inverters for railways applications
  • STS – Static Transfer Switches
  • Integrated Test Systems