More than 25 years of know-how and experience is reflected in the oil immersed distribution transformers made by TEK TRAFO. And they production is based on high-quality production materials, and place the highest emphasis on first-class workmanship. The result; oil immersed distribution transformers of maximum reliability.

They manufacture oil-immersed transformers for distribution networks in accordance with national and international standards. The product range includes:

  • Oil immersed hermetic type transformer
  • Transformers equipped with an oil conservator tank
  • Oil immersed three pole/platform type transformers for distribution networks of power supply companies
  • Oil immersed three-phase multi-winding transformers for special requirements
  • Oil immersed special three-phase Transformer for industrial plants
  • Oil immersed single-phase transformers for railway applications
  • Neutral earthing Transformer
  • Earthing transformer
  • Amorphous –core transformers
  • Transformers with plug-in bushing
  • Transformers with monobloc bushing
  • Transformers with cable box