Aysan Electric was established in 1989 years and still ,we continue to produce our products with the best quality and modern technological system in our factory which located in Ankara. With the 25 years experience Aysan Electric is very well known both in Turkish market and in market of many countries suc as; Iraq, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Africa, Cameroun, Nigeria, Greece, Algeria, England ,United Arap Emirates, Kazakistan etc…
Also, we are the biggest medium voltage manufacturer partner of Schneider Electric in Turkey. We use all component of Schneider Electric ,Circuit Breakaer, Disconnector, Relays in producing of our cubicles from 6kV till 36kV Medium Voltege Metal Enclosed Air Insluated Modular Cubicles and Concrete & Sheet Kiosks, Package Substations. 
We want to cooperate with you for your all project depend on our experience. Please share your project which you have in order to present to you our offer with very compatitive prices.
Your positive reply will appreciate us.