Our company started its activities in 2003 by M. OZKAN Altinsoy in Ankara ivedik OSB with the production of electrical fittings. Since its foundation, has become one of the biggest subcontractors of TEDAS approved suppliers in low voltage panel manufactures in Turkish Market by analyzing the sectors needs right and on time, and has taken its place in the local market and has proven its reliability. It has also proven its service quality with its fast and quality oriented solution in various panel project of domestic and foreign contractors.

We are exporting electrical panels, compact substations, disconnector switch, Switchgear, electrical fittings and all our other products to more than 20 countries including mostly Middle East, North-South Africa, Central Asia regions. Our export activities are continuing intensively and our dealers network is expanding day by day in many countries. Our company's R&D studies are carried out rigorously along with the studies together with product modeling and design processes. As a company we are continuing this policy decisively.