Gecem Lighting creates new generation individual lighting solutions, since 1997 and offers economic, ergonomic and environment friendly products, which are also regarded the architectural and aesthetical values. Being active in 40 different countries, Gecem works with expert partners in various regions of the world.

Gecem collaborates with architects, building engineers, lighting designers, electrical consultants, electricians, international distributors and wholesalers as partners. Top quality products of Gecem also offer functional and innovational solutions for reasonable prices.


Gecem is not only producing best quality lighting luminaries, but also tries to integrate it to the architectural elements along with the industrial design. Quality of the light adds extra values to the both of indoor and outdoor areas. Gecem cooperates with the experts in different fields, in order to maintain true and efficient light in different architectural applications.

This is why Gecem is the “way of light” and continues to be the leader in the field of technical and architectural lighting applications.