Which was founded in 2003 in Ankara, has become one of the leading manufacturers in its area of business in a short time. The main principle of Işın Lighting is the customer satisfaction, considering not only the product, but also the after- sales services. The main items of the product range is composed of polygonal and circular lighting poles, floodlight poles, high masts, stadium poles, flat poles, traffic sign poles, gsm poles, lighting, speaker and camera poles. On the other hand, that design and production of any other special-type pole is done according to the customers demand. In accordance with the increased demand for decorative poles, Işın Lighting Co. established one of the leading electrostatic powder coating plant of Turkey by founding Bofaş coating Company in 2007. In addition, to manufacturing of standard polygonal poles, Işın Lighting Co. has been the leader of Turkey with many alternatives as presented to the service of modern urban architecture such as round and polygonal decorative poles, aluminum poles and stainless steel poles, by means of these investments. Not only in Turkey but also in the world, Işın Lighting Co. has become a recognized brand due to its dynamic and innovative nature, in a very short time. Işın products are exported to many Central Asian, Middle Eastern, African and European countries.