Having started production in 2003, Çepaş has brought its extensive knowledge and experience to the point where it will make an indelible impression not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world. While gradually increasing its marketing activities oriented to national and international markets, Çepaş merged with the Gonvarri Group, one of the important actors in the sector, and made its current strength even stronger.

Cepaş, promises a world-class production to its business partners with its service quality as well as its product quality. It supports this quality understanding it stood by with the quality laboratory it comprised. In Çepaş Quality Laboratory, input material or product quality is evaluated and verified according to customer expectations and specifications. The laboratory serves at the top level and with the highest reliability in the tests within it to meet customer requirements.

At Çepaş we see sustainability not only as a model of business management and ethical commitment, but as well as one of transparency, fairness, and collaboration with our interest groups, regardless of where we operate.

Our firm is based on the concept of the transformation of steel, with special emphasis on sustainable growth and profitability.

We work on the continuous improvement of our products and services with the objective of strengthening our relations with clients and providers.

Our commitment to the Earth entails we operate in an efficient and responsible manner in all we do, respecting the environment by lessening the impact.