The Actuator Specialist, with over 40 years of worldwide experience in the Solution for a World in Motion.

Engineering companies and Valve manufacturers fully understand the importance of Actuation Solution and turn to AUMA to provide reliable and precise solutions, through its wide range of products.

Meeting virtually any requirements, AUMA multi-turn actuators provide torques up to 32.000 Nm and the part-turn up to 360,000 Nm.

AUMA provides precise electronic controls in high enclosure protection, equipped with intelligent functions.


  • Multi-Turn Actuators.
  • Part-Turn Actuators.
  • Lever Actuators.
  • Linear Actuators.
  • Actuators with Integral Controls & Field bus Controls.
  • Gear Boxes.
  • Explosion Proof Actuators.
  • Flame Proof Actuators.
  • Actuator Testers & Test Benches.